Hi. Thanks for stopping by! Feel free to look, but please know that the store is not open and some pieces are no longer available.  I'm updating my site...so watch for fun, new jewelry to be posted mid-February! If you have questions please email me at the contact address listed below.  



Hi.  I'm Lin Standke and I think in colored pictures. My mind is a crowded chest of drawers where I've stored memories in technicolor... like the pattern on the bedspread I used when I was 5 years old, the exact shade of green of my first prom dress, and shape of the clouds when I soloed for my pilot's license. Sometimes it's easier for me to remember the exact color bead I need to buy than the name of a person I just met.  So, when I sit at my work table, I open those drawers in my head that are full of of colorful images. Inspiration may come from a specific experience or visual in my past or simply from looking at the beads in front of me. Sometimes I wait for those beads to tell me what I should do. Some days they talk softly, other days they SHOUT.

About me

You could say my jewelry-making career started when I made a macaroni necklace for my Mom, spray painted it, glued on buttons, plastic beads and charms, then topped it with glitter. Luckily my taste--and skill level--has improved. I've sold my creations at  shows and craft stores in Minnesota, Alaska, and Wisconsin. Teaching jewelry making is a recent adventure I've enjoyed at Michaels, Diakonos Designs, and the Madison Art Glass & Bead Show.


My career aspirations started as an art student at the University of Minnesota where, for no reason I can explain, I changed majors in my last quarter to business communication. But, I kept dabbling in art and continued to take classes throughout my life when I wasn't busy designing and delivering corporate training programs.


I currently live in Madison (Mad City), Wisconsin.  It's a thriving college community with character, diversity, and a good mix of urban and county.

Hopkins, and Minnetonka, both suburbs of Minneapolis, are cities where I spent my youth and young adult life. I lived 7 years in the beautiful state of Alaska prior to moving to my current home in Madison. Alaska is breathtakingly beautiful--I saw every view as a postcard or a painting in the Louve. I didn't hang curtains upstairs so I could wake up to my personal art gallery of the Chugach mountains framed in my windows. Between my job, volunteering for Special Olympics, and buying an old Aeronca Sedan bush plane, (it was blue!), I had the opportunity to see most of the state--including areas no human had set foot on. If only it didn't get such limited sunlight in the winter, I'd still be in the Last Frontier.  Maybe it's the lack of light that makes so many Alaskan residents turn to arts and crafts?

My inspirations

My favorite place for inspiration and shopping is Diakonos Designs in Stoughton, WI. They have the best on-site selection of leather, chain, unique beads and gem stones. Visiting the store is like Pinterest come alive with non-stop creative ideas. Becky and Ed Guzman, the store owners, are gifted designers whose specialty is faith-based jewelry.

I like to support other artists and you'll find my favorites-- Heather Power's polymer clay (Humblebeads) and Sara Lukkonen's copper enamel (C-Koop)--in many of my designs.  Brass, arte metal and copper from Vintaj are a standard go to for me because of their lead/nickel free policy and eco-friendly processing as well as their quality.

What's in a name?

I've named the jewelry in my collection based on my colorful memories.  Feel free to rename based on yours. Make them that special thing you'll look forward to wearing every day!

I hope you enjoy wearing my work as much as I do creating it.